Dress Up your Summer Drinks with Fruit Ice Cubes


Frozen Fruit Ice Cubes transform your plain old boring water into a colorful conversation topic. They are very easy to make and look ever so pretty.
You can use a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs to create your own frozen fruit ice cubes this summer. I love using fresh organic berries, either sliced or whole. Strawberries may need to be thinly sliced to fit into the ice cube tray. Carefully slice fruit using a sharp knife, or for greater precision, use a mandolin. And don’t forget to wear a protective glove! All other berries can be used whole. Just remember to wash your berries carefully first before using.

Berry Ice Cubes

photo by: nasze-babskie-sprawy.blogspot.com

Citrus slices (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) make beautiful fruit ice cubes. Try using a muffin pan to make giant citrus ice cubes. The ice will last much longer and your summer beverages stay cool and refreshing while you are out by the pool enjoying the sun. Use a silicone muffin pan [like this one] to make removing your fruit ice cubes easier.

Lemon Ice Cubes

photo by: industriousjustice.com

Other fruits and vegetables can be use as well. Apples and pomegranate seeds look spectacular together. Cool down on the hottest days with cucumbers and fresh cut mint leaves from your garden. Or get bold and use a fruit & herb combination like lemon slices with fresh sage.

Instead of making your fruit ice cubes using water, you could use iced tea or lemonade instead so that they don’t dilute your beverage as they melt.

Fruit Ice Cubes

photo by: designlovefest.com

So you’ve made your fruit ice cubes and now you’re wondering what to do with them? Add them to a pitcher of plain or sparkling water for a punch of color. Add them to lemonade. Add them to a cocktail. Add them to sangria. And don’t forget to use any leftover fruit after making the fruit ice cubes to make fruit infused water.

Berri Ice Cubes3

photo by: nasze-babskie-sprawy.blogspot.com

It’s easier to get excited about drinking water when it is so pretty! And kids love fruit ice cubes too. As the ice melts, the fruit infuses its natural sweetness with your drink. Yum!

Frozen Fruit Cubes

photo by: momables.com

Source: nasze-babskie-sprawy, Industrious Justice, Momables and Design Love Fest