Apple Cookies Make The Perfect Snack!


Apple cookies make the perfect snack: Crisp juicy apple slices, smothered with nut butter, then topped with shredded coconut, walnuts and chocolate chips.

According to Chinese Medicine: Apples strengthen the heart, quench thirst, lubricate the lungs, decrease mucous and increase body fluids.

Did you know that apples are the second most popular fruit in the US? That’s right! And bananas are the first. Apples may be available in the stores year round, but they are at their peak in the fall. Apples are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. And these heavenly apple cookies are one of the most perfect ways to enjoy all of the amazing benefits that apples provide. Check them out:
apple cookie

Don’t they look delicious and nutritious too! Much of apples’ antioxidant power is contained in the peel, and while you should eat apples with skin to get the nutrients, it is very important to choose organic apples. According to The Environmental Working Group apples have been found to be the most heavily pesticide-contaminated produce. The most common pesticides found on apples are Permethrin and DDT. Ummmmm no thanks! In addition to pesticide residue, non organic apples are often waxed which is not digestible. If you do purchase conventional apples, soaking them in a solution of 10 percent vinegar to 90 percent water for 15-20 minutes, prior to storing and eating, may help to remove some of the pesticides and bacteria.

Choose crisp ripe apples to make this treat. When you’re buying apples, be sure to choose apples with shiny, not dull, skin. Dull apples will not be crisp. Also choose firm apples, free from bruises and punctures. Then, when you get your apples home, store them in the fridge to maintain crispness.

Don’t these apple cookies look amazing! They are very simple to make as well. Unless you have perfect knife skills, you’ll probably prefer to use a mandolin to cut your apple into perfect slices.

If I were serving apple cookies to guests, I would dip the apple slices in lemon juice, or other citrus juice, to prevent browning before slathering on the nut butter.
Apple Cookies

Although the recipe calls for peanut butter, you could easily use almond butter or other nut butter instead. Macadamia nut butter would be divine! If you have nut allergies you could easily substitute raw sunflower seed butter, tahini or even pumpkin seed butter instead.

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Apple “cookies.” Three cheers for healthy snacks!