Detox Your Liver

Detoxing is a process that helps remove toxins from your body. In order to do this, you have to cleanse the digestive tract and flush out the intestines. This can be done by eating different foods, fasting for a certain amount of time, or taking supplements such as laxatives.

When Do You need to Detox?

Detoxing is necessary for a number of reasons. For example, if you have an autoimmune disorder you need to detox more often than someone without it. Detoxing will help get rid of toxins in your body that may be causing your symptoms.

Detoxing also helps with weight loss. By getting rid of toxins from your body, you can feel lighter and less bloated. You can also feel like you have more energy!

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s important to detox as well. This will help reduce the risk of miscarriage or even birth defects because your baby is relying on those toxins too!

Cleansing Your Body from Within

Not because you want to, you’ll be detoxifying yourself; but if you think there’s a chance that you’re toxic, then now is the time!