Foods Cleanse Liver

Detoxing while pregnant and breastfeeding is a hot topic. For example, some research out of the Netherlands found that babies born to mothers who drank moderate amounts of alcohol during pregnancy were less likely to have ADHD or other health problems.

But some research has found that consuming alcohol during pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Be on the Safe Side

In general, it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol when you’re pregnant.

Preferably, switch to a healthy lifestyle to ensure that nothing bad will happen to your newborn.

Detoxing while Nursing

Nursing mothers are more likely to need to detox, due to the presence of heavy metals in their breastmilk. Some people may not need detoxing as frequently, and others might need it more often. If you’ve ingested something toxic, you might want to detox ASAP. If you feel that you need to detox more than three times a year, consult your doctor just in case.