Pureed Fruit Pops

One of the best ways to start including more fruit in your diet is by adding it to your morning smoothie. You can use fruits like bananas, strawberries and apples for a healthy breakfast that’s packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Eating Fruits as a Snack

Another great way to add fruit to your diet is by eating an apple before lunch or dinner as a snack.

This will help you keep from overeating later on in the day while still satisfying your hunger and getting some nutritional benefits.

Add Fruit to Your Breakfast

Adding fruit to breakfast is an easy way to get more in your diet. You can add it on top of cereal, yogurt, or just drink it plain with a little honey. Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach because they have natural sugars that enter the bloodstream quickly. Adding fruit to your breakfast will help you feel better throughout the day and prevent hunger pangs later in the morning.